Pumpkin Chucker

Pumpkin Chucker

We have had lots of requests and have now added to our line of cannons.  The P-205 shoots 8” diameter pumpkins.  It consists of a 500 gallon propane tank with an 8” sweep bolted to an 8” butterfly valve, which is mounted to a 20’ barrel.

There are no electronics, so all you need to operate is an air compressor.  We put a safety pop-off valve on each cannon which limits you to no more than 60 psi.  Pressure is not necessary to fire a pumpkin it’s all based on volume.

We actually recommend firing between 25-40 psi, this will still shoot a pumpkin a great distance.  If you are shooting straight depending on the recommended pressure you can shoot 200-300’. If you miss what you are shooting at it can potentially go another 300’ along the ground, make sure you have plenty of room.

If you mount it on a platform like an old truck with a hydraulic lift bed, you can easily shoot over ½ mile, of course that’s all based on pressure and elevation.


500 Gallon Propane Tank: All fittings are removed and welded shut for a smooth appearance.  There is an inlet on the bottom for a fill point.

Breach load design:  We never want anyone at the end of a barrel.  Therefore, there is a breach just beyond the butterfly valve to load your pumpkins.

    • Each cannon has a 60 psi pop off valve. Tanks are rated for 250 psi but there is never a reason to go over 40 psi for what we are doing.
    • There is a pressure gauge on the backside to determine the correct pressure.
    • Each tank will be painted. We usually paint the tank one color and the barrel another color.
    • All pipe and fittings are schedule 40 steel for safety and strength.


Pneumatic Butterfly Valve:  Want to go from a manual butterfly valve to one operated by a ball valve. We can add that now or later which allows anyone to shoot it.

Decals:  We have a company that can design graphics and install before shipping

Electric Over Hydraulic Lift:  We now offer a cradle that the cannon can sit in which allows you to raise and lower from a wired remote.  All you need to do is wire it to a 12 volt battery.